Where Do I Connect? | How Do I Log In?

HOTSPOTZZ is an exciting and convenient way for people on the go to access high-speed wireless Internet from many locations across North America. With hundreds of HOTSPOTZZ locations and growing, there's probably one convenient for you.

HOTSPOTZZ wireless network requires no cords or cables. Once you're at any HOTSPOTZZ enabled location (hotel, airport, coffee shop, etc.) with your WiFi enabled computer device simply open your Internet browser and log into the HOTSPOTZZ network. And HOTSPOTZZ wireless Internet is much faster than a regular dial-up connection. With HOTSPOTZZ you're just 60 seconds away from experiencing convenient blazing fast Internet. See for yourself our hundreds of hotspot locations!

Ameralinx subscribers use their dial-up login to access HOTSPOTZZ at no additional charge. That's right, HOTSPOTZZ is FREE for Ameralinx subscribers!

To learn how to use HOTSPOTZZ, click here.

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