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What you get with your Ameralinx account
  • High-speed dial-up access. Lightning-fast connections using high-speed 56k modems. ISDN also available in some areas.
  • Extensive nationwide coverage - With over 3,000 dial-up phone numbers throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, we've got you covered!
  • e-mail accounts
  • Web based vs. POP3 based e-mail: Web based e-mail enables you to log into your e-mail box from virtually any computer connected to the internet which gives you access to your e-mail from virtually anywhere. POP3 e-mail enables you to download your e-mail directly to your personal computer for faster access to your e-mail later even when you are not connected to the Internet!
  • Internet filtering - We offer the latest technology available in Internet filtering, to help protect your family from questionable material on the internet. We utilize BOTH leading-edge keyword filtering AND a continually updated database of questionable internet sites for double-protection.
  • Customizable Start-up page - Tailor your start-up page any way you want it! Design it with the items you use most, they'll automatically be waiting for you every time you log on.
  • MB of personal web hosting space
  • Unlimited file-size transfers
  • 24/7/365 Customer Service
  • PageProducer wizard site to build your own web page
  • A Choice of Browsers - Microsoft IE 5 or Netscape Navigator

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